Posted on : 09/27/2015

Hi everyone! This is just another update of our trade map :)
Update log
-Added a new minigame called Sniper Arena
  -Has admin controls
  -Spectator rooms
  -3 floored building for each team side

-Boxing Arena
  -Fixed doors for private matches being closed and never be opened
  -Made it only melee in the private boxing area (not the big arena)
  -Engineers can no longer build on the spectator stands
  -Fixed scouts projectile wall glitch

-Donator room
  -Fixed players nocliping up there with rtd
  -Players can no longer shoot from there
  -Engineers can no longer build there
  -Added a re-color for donators in the house (to give it some meaning)

-General update
  -Fixed holes in the ground
  -Fixed water glitches
  -Re-designed the minigame room
  -Optimized a bit in the map
  -Simon Says and Kart Arena will teleport you instead of dying
  -Fixed Simon says
  -Fixed engineers building in blue spawn
  -Fixed spycrab windows

Enjoy the update everyone and stay tuned for more ;)

Posted on : 08/30/2015

Hi guys! Here's a new update on the map:
- Revamped/remade boxing
  - Main boxing area with 3 types of layouts
      - Boxing
      - Fort
      - Flat surface
  -3 private boxing arenas for 1v1 (or more)
- Added kart arena minigame
- Optimized the map even more
- Edited:
  - Spycrab room
  - Teleport doors
- Remade the old boxing arena to a minecart area
- Fixed bosses going into spawns
- Fixed nav mesh file
- Edited/Fixed soundscapes
- Fixed displacements

More stuff coming soon!
trade_retro_v5 and hotfix

Posted on : 06/27/2015

trade_retro_v5 log
-Added Simon says
-Added 5 random events when on cap.
-Skeleton King (with skeleton army)
-Added map previews when joining the server
-Added a minigame room
-Added 2 secrets
-Fixed bosses going into water and never returning back on the main area
-Fixed bosses going under the map
-Fixed spells being brought from the kart minigame
-Reduced the team help cap events to 10 seconds. Cap is still remained recappable after 20 secs
-Removed the unusual effects in donor room for more space for other entities
-Updated the Donator sign

trade_retro_v5_hotfix log
-Fixed buggy textures
-Removed the rocks up in donator waterfall area
-Updated the preview map photos and donator sign
-Changed some songs
-Fixed Simon says
-Fixed cubemaps in water
-Made secrets regenerate in 10 mins instead of an hour
-Fixed displacements

Enjoy the update guys!
Please post any bugs or glitches below if you know any!
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