Posted on : 11/16/2016

Posted on November 12th, 2016 by zakariasan2 to the Retro Servers Steam Group:

"Hi again!
This hotfix is to fix and add minor things but mainly to fix the crashes.
People and their cosmetics are overpopulating the vertex/polygons of the server, so I've removed things so the map can run when there is a populated server.


-Added crates near main point (to obscur snipers)
-Added another Skeleton King for the skeleton horde
-Changed the spawn spots of the skeletons
-Changed the reset time of the Necrosmasher from 1min to 30secs
-Fixed props
-Fixed buildings and props not centered
-Fixed textures
-Fixed exploit relating to rtd noclip in caves
-Moved the sniper block closer to the door
-Moved the pumpkin explodes around a bit
-Removed some exploding pumpkins

-Added some parapits for admins when doing dodgeball (can be shooted out from but not into)
-Added more ammo and made players regen health for PyroDodgeball
-Added a wall in between dodgeball (stops shooting and can be toggled)
-Added exit in admin room
-Changed the winning particle effects locations
-Fixed engineers getting other team spies to teleport in their side
-Made the teleport go to boxing instead of private boxing
-Remade stairs for duckhunt (less trippy)

-Fixed shaded door in Simon Says
-Fixed Engineers building in Simon Says
-Fixed rule signs being covered by sprays
-Optimized a little bit more
-Fixing crashes
-Changed entities into models (less strain for map)
-Increased Lightmap sizes
-Removed some entities and models
-Removed all candle (not torches) particle effects to stop with the crashing
-Removed rain in Simon Says
-Removed some lights from pumpkins

Hopefully I solved the problem and the crashing has stopped.
Please let me know if this doesn't fix it and I'll have to remove more for it to actually work.
Thank you and sorry about the crashes. I really like the work I've put into this and I dont want this to be another situation of the christmas update where it crashed many times. "

Posted on : 11/16/2016

Posted on November 9th, 2016 by zakariasan2 to the Retro Servers Steam Group:

"Hi there everyone!
SO... Halloween... Late? Yes. I'm very late especially the TF2 Scream Fortress and I am very sorry. I've been busy with other things that I havn't had the time to work on the map. I really wanted to make a halloween version because I didn't make the deadline last year plus I had soo many ideas for it. So, without further ado, I present our very first Halloween verison of the Retro Trade Map!


Boxing Arena
-Added Duck Hunt 
-Added Pyro Tennis 
-Made Control Room Only Admins 
-Made it so admins can open red or blue side of boxing 
-Made it so the doors in boxing arena is more controlled 
-Fixed sounds

-Added NecroSmasher 
-Added Exploding Pumpkins 
-Duplicated the Boss Spawns for Cap 
-Fixed Nav Mesh File (NPCS) 
-Fixed Wrap Assasin Projectiles 
-Fixed Monoculus Realm 
-Fixed scout projectiles being used to kill other team in spawn 
-Removed the Door sniping and replaced it with a placeholder

-Re-decorated the Whole Map for Halloween event! 
-Cut down the file size by 50mb 
-Added different music for Disco 
-Fixed textures and models 
-Removed Kart Arena and Sniper Arena for more space

Sorry for this extremely late update but I wanted to get this out because I'm really proud of it and how it turned out. For now I will leave it just as it is so I can focus on my stuff that is bugging me, but if the map breaks like the christmas version did, THEN I will update it for a fix asap so please let me know if this happens.

Thank you all so much and enjoy the spoopy update :)"

Posted on : 09/27/2015

Hi everyone! This is just another update of our trade map :)
Update log
-Added a new minigame called Sniper Arena
  -Has admin controls
  -Spectator rooms
  -3 floored building for each team side

-Boxing Arena
  -Fixed doors for private matches being closed and never be opened
  -Made it only melee in the private boxing area (not the big arena)
  -Engineers can no longer build on the spectator stands
  -Fixed scouts projectile wall glitch

-Donator room
  -Fixed players nocliping up there with rtd
  -Players can no longer shoot from there
  -Engineers can no longer build there
  -Added a re-color for donators in the house (to give it some meaning)

-General update
  -Fixed holes in the ground
  -Fixed water glitches
  -Re-designed the minigame room
  -Optimized a bit in the map
  -Simon Says and Kart Arena will teleport you instead of dying
  -Fixed Simon says
  -Fixed engineers building in blue spawn
  -Fixed spycrab windows

Enjoy the update everyone and stay tuned for more ;)
Tf2 IconTF2

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