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« on: September 27, 2015, 06:35:06 AM »
Hi everyone! This is just another update of our trade map :)
Update log
-Added a new minigame called Sniper Arena
  -Has admin controls
  -Spectator rooms
  -3 floored building for each team side

-Boxing Arena
  -Fixed doors for private matches being closed and never be opened
  -Made it only melee in the private boxing area (not the big arena)
  -Engineers can no longer build on the spectator stands
  -Fixed scouts projectile wall glitch

-Donator room
  -Fixed players nocliping up there with rtd
  -Players can no longer shoot from there
  -Engineers can no longer build there
  -Added a re-color for donators in the house (to give it some meaning)

-General update
  -Fixed holes in the ground
  -Fixed water glitches
  -Re-designed the minigame room
  -Optimized a bit in the map
  -Simon Says and Kart Arena will teleport you instead of dying
  -Fixed Simon says
  -Fixed engineers building in blue spawn
  -Fixed spycrab windows

Enjoy the update everyone and stay tuned for more ;)
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