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Front Page / trade_retro_v7
« on: September 27, 2015, 06:35:06 AM »
Hi everyone! This is just another update of our trade map :)
Update log
-Added a new minigame called Sniper Arena
  -Has admin controls
  -Spectator rooms
  -3 floored building for each team side

-Boxing Arena
  -Fixed doors for private matches being closed and never be opened
  -Made it only melee in the private boxing area (not the big arena)
  -Engineers can no longer build on the spectator stands
  -Fixed scouts projectile wall glitch

-Donator room
  -Fixed players nocliping up there with rtd
  -Players can no longer shoot from there
  -Engineers can no longer build there
  -Added a re-color for donators in the house (to give it some meaning)

-General update
  -Fixed holes in the ground
  -Fixed water glitches
  -Re-designed the minigame room
  -Optimized a bit in the map
  -Simon Says and Kart Arena will teleport you instead of dying
  -Fixed Simon says
  -Fixed engineers building in blue spawn
  -Fixed spycrab windows

Enjoy the update everyone and stay tuned for more ;)
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Archive (Do Not Post Here) / Zakariasan2 Staff Application
« on: May 11, 2015, 09:40:19 AM »
General Information

Steam Username (which you are most commonly associated with)
: zakariasan2

SteamRep Link

Number of years on Steam
: 3 years

Position you are applying for [Mod/Admin] for [Servers/Forum]
:  I would like to apply for mod.

Real First Name
: Zakarias

: 17

Please state all that apply to you, if any [Student High School, Student College, Full Time Job, Part Time Job]
: High School: I am in my last year of highschool and go to Havelock North Highschool. I take Design, Digital, History, Geography and English and hoping to become a primary school teacher because back when i was in primary, i always liked the job of a primary as they teach students to help get them a better future. Part time job: I have been working at the YMCA Holiday Program for 4 years. I deal with 5-14 year old children and I'm hoping this will help as a backup when applying for a teaching job.

Time Zone
: New Zealand Time Zone (UTC+12:00)

Do you have a microphone [Y/N]
: Yes

Can you, or do you use 3rd party voice systems, such as Skype, Teamspeak, etc [Y/N]
: Yes
If you answered YES to the question above, what systems do you, or have you used?
: Skype and Teamspeak

Previous History

Previous staff history in any game, please state the game(if none, say none)
: I have been in friends servers as a admin here and there and have been helped making maps for tf2 communities such as Degree Gaming, Fire friendly, Intox Gaming and Wicked Fortress(no longer alive).

In your opinion, how will you help the community
: I love to make maps and mapping will be my main strength in helping. I also make flash cartoons and have offered help to anyone in need. My attitude is positive and you can always rely on me for a helping hand. I have worked/helped with map makers and server owners in making maps.

Server Staff

Briefly state your opinion on sites such , in regards to their voting system.
:Very good to help keep track on items and learn how to trade. It can be a bit down as some items prices are skyrocketing e.g. keys while others are sinking. The website helps me to give a proper understanding of the price as well as the item. I always rely on the website when trading.  The voting system helps by giving ideas and thoughts about the item which then becomes a discussion on the item itself and concludes with a reasonable price. New items are always expensive but the system starts to tone down after a while on the item, which shows people discussing on it and how worthy it is. The system also helps sharing past trades to give us more thought on the item.

Briefly explain why the exchange rate for metal to keys has had the tendency to inflate.
: Because of what you can get with them and how people want them the most. People don't want to sell stuff for hats or miscs, they want sell stuff for Keys and metal. They are like real world money and you are going to buy stuff with them. People in trade servers or in tf2 outpost sell new items for a high price as they do not have a price on yet and get profit. People would vote to raise the currency up for more profit in their item and can even go overboard when selling items and under the price so save their currency.

Briefly explain your opinion on SteamRep.
: They are a good way to show how reliable and worthy you are. They are also a good way to get some past traders feedback on them and give an idea about the player. The rep has helped me be more confident when trading money through paypal, going first in trades and buying games. It is also a great site to see the history of the player e.g. if they have been vac-banned, have scammed etc. which is a good way to give us more detail about them. The Low Tier Scams can be long and a difficult process but overall the whole site is good for getting some background on the trader and their past, to help traders be more confident and to show how trustworthy players are.

You are a moderator, and enter one of our servers. Two people say they have each been scammed by an individual, who they spycrabed with. The individual had already left the server, before you entered. They can provide no proof, other than the name and steam profile link. What do you do?
: 1. I would tell/warn them that they shouldn't be spy crabbing in the first place with no admin watching. 2. I would see if they could provide or get any evidence e.g. chatlog, trade history or witnesses (mainly donators or trusted people). 3. I would then tell them to give me the scammers steam ID, link and name. 4. I would add the scammer to try and convince him to give the scammed items back. If that was no use, then I would permanent ban and report tehm on steamrep and steam report with the evidence I got.

You are a moderator, and are in one of our servers. You see player A has traded 4 keys to player B, in exchange for a Strange Weapon valued at 5 refined. Player A learns the value, but Player B won't trade back the items. What do you do?
: I would get confirmation from player A that they want to retrade and then take screenshots of the chat log as evidence. I would also record just in case if they use their mic (if they have one). I would demand player B to retrade their items and would also grab their steamID and link. I would also threaten them with a permanent ban if they refuse to retrade and would also give them a warning. When I got confirmation from both, I would tell them to retrade and tell player A about trading (if they don't know the whole concept about trading, I would add them as a friend to teach them through steam chat instead of flooding the server by my tutoring). If player B refuses (when they have already gotten a warning) to trade or leaves the server during this (before the retrade), then I would permanently ban them and report them on steamrep and steam report with the evidence I took (I would also get player A to help me with them as more evidence).

You are a moderator, and are in one of our servers. An individual is being blatantly annoying to everyone in the game. The entire server complains, and asks you to ban him, yet he has broken no server rules. What do you do?
: I would spectate them and see what they are doing. There would be a lot of situations but here are some: If they were either interrupting a minigame such as bumper cars, spy crabbing, heavy boxing etc. or being unfair e.g. blocking the sniper's view on their team or healing the other team's spy  to help suceeed it's team for the duration of the server, I would give them a warning to stop what they are doing and leave the players be. If they decide to do it again/not listen to me, I would bring them to me in another location (probably outside or in their spawn) and tell them what they have done and tell them that they will get kicked next time. If they still continue to do it then I will kick them from the server. If they join back and carries on doing it, then I would ban him for half an hour for disrupting players. If someone was chat spamming or micspamming, I would tell them to tone it down and give them a strike. If they don't do that then they will be gagged/muted. If they rejoin the server to avoid/remove the consequence/s then they will be banned for half an hour.

You are a moderator, and are in one of our servers. A donator is on his last strike (meaning if he breaks another rule, his donator status will be taken away). He blatantly abuses his donator commands, when he nukes the enemy team spawn room, in front of you. He claims he just came back from the restroom, to find his younger brother was on his account. He says his younger brother is the one who had just abused the commands. He asks you to not take away his donator account, because he was not the one who did it. What do you do.
:I would record the whole thing as evidence and tell them that 'it doesn't matter who was playing and if you have proof, it is your account and your responsibility. We can't have random people coming on and breaking the rules. You were on your last strike and will now be revoked from your donator privileges as you have broken the rules'. I would take away his donator and tell an admin (mainly the head admin) what I did and why as well as posting the evidence. If I can't revoke his donator, then I will contact an admin and give them the evidence.


Thank you for your time.
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