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Apply For Staff / Đr. Urαηus: Deathrun Server Admin
« on: February 17, 2017, 03:59:55 AM »
Steam Username (which you are most commonly associated with) :: Đr. Urαηus
Steam Profile Link ::
SteamID32 :: [U:1:102222398]
Number of years on Steam :: 7 Years
Position you are applying for :: #W02 || Deathrun 24/7 [tf2] Team Fortress 2

Individual Information
Real First Name ::Will.
Age :: 19 years old.
Gender :: Male.
Time Zone :: Australian Eastern Daylight Time.
Average number of hours you are on TF2 throughout the week :: 3,524hrs.
Days and times you are most active on TF2 :: 7 Days and 12pm to 12am.
Do you have a microphone? [Yes/No] :: Yes.
Are you active on the microphone? [Yes/No/Not Applicable] :: Yes.
What RetroServers servers have you played on? :: #W02 || Deathrun 24/7 [tf2] Team Fortress 2.
How many hours a week do you play on that/those servers? :: Every Week on the Deathrun and i check up.

Free Response
Please write any relevant information you would like to tell us :: No, it seen to be fine and good position.

Report Here / DeathRun Server
« on: December 04, 2016, 08:21:46 AM »
I'm Office_vrs4 this player jonasbergdelapaz123 was Blocking the Doors button and making everyone died before the Motivator comes but Not letting anyone through for 2 rounds. He was Spamming Lenny Faces as well, alot of times and i tried to ask him to Stop Spamming and he keeps continuing.

Please Help.

Thank You.

From: Sʈoɍɱʈɍoopeɍ-Sαɳʈα★ [Donator]


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