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Ideas / No Powerups On Hyrule
« on: December 30, 2016, 09:11:16 PM »
Name: Piazano || ID #  76561198145342465
Idea: For the Hyrule server, Powerups can easily be used to gain infinite health (basically 800 health that regenerates) and crash the server. Yesterday some people were crashing the server over and over. What they would do is both get deflect then one with the apocofists would gain crits through the steak sandvich, then finally hit the other person. Doing so crashes the server. If you have deflect and get the heart piece from the bombchu ally, it will give you health that will regenerate constantly and go up to 800 health. The only way to kill these people is to backstab or do a large bit of damage quickly without dying. A solution would be to either remove deflect or powerups in general. This is a pretty nasty problem since crashing the server is really easy and so is getting infinite health.

Ideas / Updated Hyrule Map
« on: December 30, 2016, 03:25:18 PM »
Name: Piazano || ID #  76561198145342465
Idea: For the Hyrule server, it is currently out of date. The newest version is the final version so it will the last update needed. Another update will rejuvinate the maps fun factor and create more server attention since it will be the only good server running the latest version. I've seen a few others but they don't even have the basic needs for a good server whereas yours does. I would highly recommend updating to the latest version, here is the page for the map:

Map Main Page:
Map Download Link:

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