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Appeal Here / *DEAD*(TEAM) [Member] Illuminλti : !votemute
« Last post by SentryMedic on February 26, 2018, 12:36:23 PM »
He does that  every time i use my mic. .also he votegagged a person with no reason. . if using soundboard is illegal. then why you apply it in the server. "iwasn'tspamming"
Apply For Staff / Lovely Inkling Kat Moderator Application
« Last post by Lovely Inkling Kat on February 03, 2018, 04:25:17 AM »
General Information
Steam Username (which you are most commonly associated with) :Lovely Inkling Kat
Steam Profile Link :
SteamID32 :102345593
Number of years on Steam :5 years
Position you are applying for :Moderator

Individual Information
Real First Name :(Alan Chu)
Age :21
Gender : Male
Time Zone : +8:00
Average number of hours you are on TF2 throughout the week :20 hours
Days and times you are most active on TF2 :After 17:30 from Mon-Fri, After 12:30 PM after Saturday
Do you have a microphone? [Yes/No] :Yes
Are you active on the microphone? [Yes/No/Not Applicable] :No(Could be active if needed)
What RetroServers servers have you played on? :W02 Deathrun
How many hours a week do you play on that/those servers? :5

Free Response
Please write any relevant information you would like to tell us :
A very anti-social person reborn as a social butterfly in real life and online, I spend my time working to fix computer stuff and helping others if needed.
Report Here / Fluffy
« Last post by turbulentMayo on January 14, 2018, 08:42:44 PM »
10/10 Fluffy bans me with no warning or evidence. 10/10 seen others comment on his behavior
Appeal Here / turbulentMayo Unban
« Last post by turbulentMayo on January 14, 2018, 08:40:12 PM »
Hello, I was banned for supposedly aimbotting by Fluffy. The ban came out of no where and I have seen no evidence that can back up these claims besides him saying that I was suspiciously flicking and looking around.
« Last post by A Komondor Dog on January 11, 2018, 10:01:42 PM »
Report Here / Hacker
« Last post by √úberkritz on January 04, 2018, 06:02:32 PM »
"That Guy" is using airstuck and spinbot on the deathrun servers
Report Here / Jbox is not working
« Last post by TIMidator on December 21, 2017, 11:21:14 PM »
I don't know why, but whenever I try to play some music in the jbox, I can't hear anything, and I have MOTD enabled.  What do I do?
Report Here / [Member] CERTIFIED BOOTY CONQUEROR : !votemute
« Last post by SentryMedic on December 15, 2017, 02:30:40 AM »
Hello. Can you please Explain how micspam works to this guy .. I've gotten votemuted for no reason. i was playing sounds that are less than 4 sec. admins told me that. also he votemute whoever uses his mic. and why you give the voting powers to those 'members' when all you gotta do is click a button? ....  Thank you.

Report Here / Motivator bug on dr_family_guy_v5
« Last post by Denzel Crocker on December 14, 2017, 10:41:20 PM »
On the Family Guy Deathrun map, there's an exploit where if you stand behind the hole before the trap with Brian singing Never Gonna Give You Up, it will stop the motivator (Quagmire) from advancing.

Possible fix? Because people have been abusing this exploit every match I've seen in order to benefit the REDs.
« Last post by Chips on December 14, 2017, 07:19:47 PM »
Hi, my name's Chips, previously known as Robo Hood.

From reading a lot of these mod / admin abuse claims I think it's safe to say not all of them on Retroservers are exactly deserving of their position.

I realize this argument could come off as one-sided, but a lot of these people seem legit.

It disturbs me to see all of these upset people getting kicked and sometimes even banned for disagreeing with an admin / mod's opinion.  There was even an example where a player was kicked for saying they didn't think an admin's joke was funny. 

Now I don't want to list any names here, but I think something should be done (or maybe has been done?).  I'm sure lots of people like me care about the Retro servers, we just don't want to see these egotistical people in charge, and especially not enforce disciplinary actions on people who simply don't agree with a topic or two.

I realize there's plenty more things to be worried about when it coems to any sort of topic similar to this, but I've just typed out this short paragraph for something to think about.

Have a nice day!  - Chips
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