Author Topic: trade_retro_v5 and hotfix  (Read 4345 times)


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trade_retro_v5 and hotfix
« on: June 27, 2015, 03:49:27 AM »
trade_retro_v5 log
-Added Simon says
-Added 5 random events when on cap.
   -Skeleton King (with skeleton army)
-Added map previews when joining the server
-Added a minigame room
-Added 2 secrets
-Fixed bosses going into water and never returning back on the main area
-Fixed bosses going under the map
-Fixed spells being brought from the kart minigame
-Reduced the team help cap events to 10 seconds. Cap is still remained recappable after 20 secs
-Removed the unusual effects in donor room for more space for other entities
-Updated the Donator sign

trade_retro_v5_hotfix log
-Fixed buggy textures
-Removed the rocks up in donator waterfall area
-Updated the preview map photos and donator sign
-Changed some songs
-Fixed Simon says
-Fixed cubemaps in water
-Made secrets regenerate in 10 mins instead of an hour
-Fixed displacements

Enjoy the update guys!
Please post any bugs or glitches below if you know any!
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