Author Topic: Deathrun server at staff personal insults.  (Read 4337 times)


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Dear Staff member who deals with this stuff

I would like to report both [Admin]DocScratch and [Mod]AJ for unprofessional behavior and for personal insults against me. here is a rundown of events as they happened:

I am on the server as [Admin]DocScratch is rightly dealing with someone who was breaking the rules.

I try to relate to him by mentioning that I run a Minecraft server and have had to deal with people cussing at me before too.

He ([admin]DocScratch) starts belittling me and says stuff like Minecraft is a stupid game for autistic people (I take this personally as I have that disability. (edit: I would have not had a problem if he hadn't used autism as an insult or were not so rude)

[Mod]AJ starts lecturing me about even mentioning I own a minecraft server citing the rule against advertising servers.

I tell [Mod]AJ that I am sorry and won't do so in the future but also mention how usually that rule is just for advertising like by server name and or IP (which I gave neither, I just mentioned that I ran one and not in the context of advertising)

[Mod]AJ proceeds to tell me that the rules are not up to interpretation and that I "Should go f*ck" myself. (I would have had no problem with being told not to mention that I run an MC server if [Mod]AJ had not personally insulted me in the process, that's the only problem I had)

I leave because by this point I am disgusted by the unprofessional behavior and by the fact that [Admin]DocScratch uses autism (a real disability) as an insult (or that he would even insult people, he could have just said he did not like the game and left it at that instead of going on about how it was a game for stupid people.)

In conclusion I will probably not be coming back to this server as the environment created by these two staff members was too toxic but I did want to post this to prevent other players from being hurt by this abusive and unprofessional behavior by people who should be role models for how players should act and so that you can save the reputation of your organization.

Thanks for reading and have a good day.
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Re: Deathrun server at staff personal insults.
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Hello Godlover9000,

I would like to thank you for posting a reply to our forums, and am sorry you had to experience this.

After reading this post, I talked to the two staff members in question, and have set up new ground rules in regards to how staff members talk to players. Hopefully another occurrence like this this will not happen one of my servers again.


David (ParadoxClock)
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