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Deathrun Server Admin
« on: December 12, 2015, 07:02:20 AM »
Please read THIS THREAD before your continue!
Deathrun Server Admin

You'll be responsible for:
1) Moderating the activities of players and moderators on all DeathRun servers
2) Muting, Slaying, Kicking, or Banning users who mic spam, delay, or cheat
3) Making sure moderators are doing their duties
4) Talking with Server Developers regarding bugs, glitches, and suggesting improvements for the sever, including maps and plugins.

Requirements for applying:

1) A written letter of recommendation from a current RetroServers Admin or a reference from past Administration position in another large server chain still in operation (moderator positions from past servers are not accepted)
2) 2+ Years on steam, with a clean reputation
3) The ability to use a microphone
4) Age of 17 or over

Ideal candidates will possess:

1) A significant amount of play time on RetroServers Deathrun maps
2) A clear and distinct voice with quality microphone sound
3) A clear and leveled head, which can deal with situations without frustration
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Application Format
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2015, 01:42:07 PM »
Deathrun Server Admin Application

General Information
Steam Username (which you are most commonly associated with) ::
Steam Profile Link ::
SteamID32 ::   
Number of years on Steam ::
Position you are applying for ::

Individual Information
Real First Name ::
Age ::
Gender ::
Time Zone ::
Average number of hours you are on TF2 throughout the week ::
Days and times you are most active on TF2 ::
Do you have a microphone? [Yes/No] ::
Are you active on the microphone? [Yes/No/Not Applicable] ::
What RetroServers servers have you played on? ::
How many hours a week do you play on that/those servers? ::

Free Response
Please write any relevant information you would like to tell us ::


Please post either your Letter of Recommendation from a RetroServers Admin OR/AND a reference to a past or current Administration position in another large server chain bellow.

[Letter of Recommendation]
Profile link to the Admin giving the recommendation ::

(insert letter here)

[Previous Administration Reference]
Link to the community (website or steam group) that you were an Administrator of ::
How long ago did you become an Administrator for that group ::
How long were you an Administrator for ::
How did you get the position of Administrator ::