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How to Apply for Staff (Click Here First)
« on: December 12, 2015, 10:29:56 AM »
How to apply for staff

Thanks for taking an interest in applying to the RetroServers Staff Program. Below is a detailed process of how to apply for a position.

1) Chose a position to apply for
Each thread in the Staff Openings Board is a position you can apply for.
Quote from: Staff
If a thread has this symbol then are not activly looking for people to fill this position.

2) Read all the position's requirements
Some positions have stricter requirements than others. Please only apply to positions you are qualified for.

3) Fill out the application (second post on the thread)
Copy, paste, then fill out the application. All parts must be filled out. If you miss any sections, we will not consider your application. You may apply to more than one position

4) Email your application to us at
Use your personal email when sending in your application
Your header should be formatted "[Steam Name] [Position] Application" for example Paradoxclock Deathrun Server Moderator Application
Please only create a basic text response. Do not put your application in a document. Attached documents will NOT be read.
Expect to wait 2 weeks, as we review your application. We will reply back if you are denied, and add you on steam if you are accepted.


If you have any questions, please post them below.
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