Author Topic: Artstabot's Moderator/Staff Application  (Read 1612 times)


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Artstabot's Moderator/Staff Application
« on: April 04, 2016, 10:41:04 PM »
General Information

Steam Username (which you are most commonly associated with)
: Artstabot

: Male

SteamRep Link

Number of years on Steam
: 2 years on main, and 2 years on old account

Position you are applying for [Mod/Admin] for [Servers/Forum]
: I am applying for server Moderator

Real First Name
: Takoda

: 16

Please state all that apply to you, if any [Student High School, Student College, Full Time Job, Part Time Job]
: High School Student (Sophmore)

Time Zone
: CST (Central Standard Time)

Do you have a microphone [Y/N]
: Yes, i use it often

Can you, or do you use 3rd party voice systems, such as Skype, Teamspeak, etc [Y/N]
: Yes

If you answered YES to the question above, what systems do you, or have you used?
: Skype, Teamspeak, Mumble, and Ventrilo

Previous History

Previous staff history in any game, please state the game(if none, say none)
: I was a moderator for Rafflesmash TF2 servers Forum Page:

In your opinion, how will you help the community
: I will help people enjoy the servers, without any rulebreakers. I will help keep the community happy, especially so we can keep loyal members. I will rid servers of many rule breakers and give any netrrience!

If you are applying for Server Staff please fill out these questions
(Do not just put the answer you assume you want us to hear, "no opinion, or suspend judgment" is a viable answer)

Briefly state your opinion on sites such , in regards to their voting systems.

I have no problem with their voting system

Briefly explain why the exchange rate for metal to keys has had the tendeyers caused inflation
The introduction of quickselling caused exchange to infalte.

Briefly explain your opinion on SteamRep.
: I like steamRep, if gives us an idea about how people are.

You are a moderator, and enter one of our servers. Two people say they have each been scammed by an individual, who they spycrabed with. The individual had already left the server, before you entered. They can provide no proof, other than the name and steam profile link. What do you do?
: Without proper proof not much can be done for the individuals...

You are a moderator, and are in one of our servers. You see player A has traded 4 keys to player B, in exchange for a Strange Weapon valued at 5 refined. Player A learns the value, but Player B won't trade back the items. What do you do?
: I take a screenshot in case you need proof, then I warn, then precede to punish player B if he doesn't comply (contact an admin if needed)

You are a moderator, and are in one of our servers. An individual is being blatantly annoying to everyone in the game. The entire server complains, and asks you to ban him, yet he has broken no server rules. What do you do?
: I instead initiate a Vote to mute/gag the player and let the players decide if they want to mute/gag him

You are a moderator, and are in one of our servers. A donator is on his last strike (meaning if he breaks another rule, his donator status will be taken away). He blatantly abuses his donator commands, when he nukes the enemy team spawn room, in front of you. He claims he just came back from the restroom, to find his younger brother was on his account. He says his younger brother is the one who had just abused the commands. He asks you to not take away his donator account, because he was not the one who did it. What do you do.
: I would follow procedure and revoke his donator rank, because he could be lying and 3 strikes is the rule!