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Jump Servers 2.0
« on: April 21, 2016, 02:18:15 AM »
Another bug with the jump servers! oh boy!

Alright so on the map "jump_4starters" the Jumpbot plugin is broken to an extent that you skip alot of the map by just standing in certain places and typing "!jb" or other Jumpbot commands.

This in my opinion is bad since it does not only make it so you can skip the map but also makes it so you restart the map.

Example: Me and my friend came onto jump_4starters and decided to go thru the "A Jumps" when he got stuck on the 5th or 6th he decided to use "!jb" He then joined spectators and watched Jumpbot do the jump but it was not the one he was on, the jumpbot was doing jump 4 again and it then teleported him back to jump 4.

This is just a small example but i have a felling if i use this somewhere eles it could have bigger problems than just sending you back a couple of jumps.

This might only be with "jump_4starters" since all the jumps are tied together so they are all close together, on other maps such as "jump_littleman_v3" the jump are spread out alot instead of being hooked together.

If any admins want me to show them hands on alot of places where this happens i have been testing alot of spots just to see how this might effect some jumpers, add me at the steam link below if you need to contact me.
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Re: Jump Servers 2.0
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