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Miketrix's Moderator Application
« on: May 23, 2016, 02:35:42 PM »
General Information

Steam Username (which you are most commonly associated with)
: Miketrix

: Male

SteamRep Link

Number of years on Steam
: From August 30, 2013 (So about almost 3 years from this post.)

Position you are applying for [Mod/Admin] for [Servers/Forum]
: Moderator for Servers

Real First Name
: Michael

: 16 (Birthday June 10, 1999)

Please state all that apply to you, if any [Student High School, Student College, Full Time Job, Part Time Job]
: Student High School

Time Zone
: Eastern Standard Time

Do you have a microphone [Y/N]
: N

Can you, or do you use 3rd party voice systems, such as Skype, Teamspeak, etc [Y/N]
: Y

If you answered YES to the question above, what systems do you, or have you used?
: Skype and Teamspeak

Previous History

Previous staff history in any game, please state the game(if none, say none)
: Minecraft, I was a Moderator on a server called

In your opinion, how will you help the community
: I will help the community by setting an example to those in need of one.

If you are applying for Server Staff please fill out these questions
(Do not just put the answer you assume you want us to hear, "no opinion, or suspend judgment" is a viable answer)

Briefly state your opinion on sites such , in regards to their voting system.
:, in my opinion, seems to have a proper voting system when it comes to pricing items. Some may be overpriced, but that isn't the case. The voting system allows the community as a whole decide which items should have a high price or low price!

Briefly explain why the exchange rate for metal to keys has had the tendency to inflate.
:The exchange rate for metal to keys has had the tendency to inflate because refined metal is becoming more common.

Briefly explain your opinion on SteamRep.
: SteamRep is a great website that can help users look out for players with bad reputations.

You are a moderator, and enter one of our servers. Two people say they have each been scammed by an individual, who they spycrabed with. The individual had already left the server, before you entered. They can provide no proof, other than the name and steam profile link. What do you do?
: If the players have the name, that's all the proof I will need. I will not let this player do any more harm to others. I will not stop until he/she learns their lesson in scamming. I will track down the player and have their SteamRep notified of their behavior and temporarily ban them.

You are a moderator, and are in one of our servers. You see player A has traded 4 keys to player B, in exchange for a Strange Weapon valued at 5 refined. Player A learns the value, but Player B won't trade back the items. What do you do?
: I will kindly ask Player B to hand the items he/she has traded back to Player A. If they still refuse, I will have to do this the hard way by notifying SteamRep of their account and temp ban them.

You are a moderator, and are in one of our servers. An individual is being blatantly annoying to everyone in the game. The entire server complains, and asks you to ban him, yet he has broken no server rules. What do you do?
: In that situation, I will explain to everyone even though he/she is being annoying, he/she has not broken the rules; thus, it would be unjust to her/him if I used my powers to ban him/her without a fair trial.

You are a moderator, and are in one of our servers. A donator is on his last strike (meaning if he breaks another rule, his donator status will be taken away). He blatantly abuses his donator commands, when he nukes the enemy team spawn room, in front of you. He claims he just came back from the restroom, to find his younger brother was on his account. He says his younger brother is the one who had just abused the commands. He asks you to not take away his donator account, because he was not the one who did it. What do you do.
: I would look into the issue further; jumping to conclusions wouldn't be wise on my part because he/she could be lying in order to have fun by causing chaos and not get punished.

Message to Co-Owner:
Hey! Glad your reading this! Thank you for giving players a chance to become staff! Now, to get to what this message is about; I love the JukeBox plugin, it's a great addition to the server! However, there are many songs out there and I see it is hard for you guys/girls to find all different types of songs. So far, I see a whole variety of songs that I love on it! Nothing appears to be the problem; except, some albums appear to only have one song listed. There are many artists out there and I'm in awe of how you can grab many songs and place it into one plugin! So I would like to ask a favor, or rather, me doing the favor lol. May I have a job where I find songs for the JukeBox? I am sure we may find something to agree on :) My Email is: or, for faster responses, my username is Miketrix on Steam: Hope to speak soon!
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