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Retro Jump Server Maps
« on: August 18, 2016, 01:03:19 AM »
Nick || ID# 76561198128173177

Idea: Increase the map pool for the RetroServers jump server.

Currently there are only 6~ maps in the rotation and i personally find them to be getting real stale.
RetroServers should have a decent map pool and some personal maps that i feel should be added will be listed below.

Map 1: jump_sync
jump_sync is a very challenging sync jump only map with double/triple/quad sync jumps and is a really fun map to play if you are a expert jumper.

Map 2: jump_heaven_a3
jump_heaven_a3 is a personal favorite map of mine, it has unique jumps that vary from most maps and has excellent visuals to complement the map style and name. This map is perfect for any intermediate player who wants a unique and eye catching map.

Map 3: jump_BAQu_a2
jump_BAQu_a2 is a semi remake of the popular map jump_quba. It has various diffrent jumps than jump_quba  and is perfect for any intermediate players who are tired of the current maps.

Map 4: jump_jurf
jump_jurf is a very popular map for combining two very popular modes in tf2, surfing and jumping. This map is a very unique one with many if not all jumps sharing jumping and surfing to beat it. Perfect for any intermediate player to learn both jumping and surfing.