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« on: November 11, 2017, 07:14:58 PM »
When I was playing at the Retro servers I was capping. I was kicked a couple of times by an admin without any explenation and got then told to not to do it. I didn't notice the rules saying anything about capping so I asked the admins why I wasn't allowed. I was told that they didn't find it fun, but that isn't a good excuse. So I started capping again and then got banned. I didn obbey the admins, but what they like and dislike should not be something I must follow. I even asked the admins themselves if capping was allowed and they said that it was, which means that I didn't do anything wrong.

Oh, by the way, admins calling me names like retard aren't the types that can be disscussed with. I was talking logically but all I got was "don't talk to him, it's the internet. He wants to mess with you". All I wanted was to get proper arguments and the opportunity to disscuss.