Author Topic: Sticks, veteran of the server for about a couple years, banned near end of 2020  (Read 25 times)


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I don't think my ban was justified fully, I understand why it was done, and I am now taking steps to improve upon my character, I already have the support of a few people who would like to see me back, namely Lezabel, Berke (long time supporter of the server as well), even to two of the head admins, Nendae and Froodoo, I have contacted both Nendae and Froo before and they said they were working towards my unban, but I have gotten sort of impatient and am now trying to show that I am ready to change in my own way. I was originally banned for "stalling as death/harassing the playerbase" but I did it once/twice with only a servant of a Mod being on the server, and the harassment I can admit I did do, but seeing as how I am still on the discord (with an alt, sorry about that),  the people I were "harassing" I use that loosely as it was more of just me being salty, not outright insulting or going after anyone, seem to be fine with me coming back and at least are leaving it in the past. I will do my best to not cause anymore trouble and possibly helping the server from the side or even attempting to apply as staff once more, I doubt I could be added back as a staff member but I would love to support this server and community in any way despite it. Thank you for reading this and thank you for maybe giving me one last chance.