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[Stripper request!] dr_lazytown_xmas
« on: June 24, 2021, 04:40:16 PM »
Sunstep|| ID # 76561198871908221

I created a stripper config for the map dr_lazytown_xmas, some of the bugs that it fixes is bhop related, which this server does not have. But there are other useful things this stripper config does for the map.

Here are all the changes:
>Increased the trigger_push speed of trap 3 and trap 5, in order to stop people from escaping the traps using bhop. (Not applicable to this server)
>Fixed a bug with the moin platforms: If a player uses bhop to get on the second platform first, then the first platform will disappear and never re-appear. That's fixed now, Moin platforms work perfectly fine now. (Not applicable to this server)
>Stopped buttons from moving when they are +used: Players used to +use the final two buttons at the end of the map which caused the buttons to be hidden, if you spam this they will be hard to press, when players take too long at the end, a trigger hurt will activate and all this only because of trolls +using the button to hide them.
>Death can now +use traps, and players can now +use the final two buttons at the end of the map to actually make them work.
>Added some more health to the breakable door, so death has some more time to use unused traps and catch up with red.
>If players stand too long in the final room, it will automatically spin the wheel instead of activating a trigger_hurt.

Link to the stripper config:

It's fully tested, and should not cause any trouble, may there be any issues please contact me. (contact is in the stripper file it self).
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