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General Steam Information
Steam Username (which you are most commonly associated with): Comrade Pootis Lord

Steam Profile Link:

SteamID: axar29dude

Number of years on Steam: 8

Position you are applying for:: Deathrun Server Moderator

Individual Information
First name (optional): Angel   


Gender: Male

Time zone: Eastern

Average number of hours you are on TF2 throughout the week :: 100hrs+

Days and times you are most active on TF2 :: Monday -Friday

Do you have a microphone? [Yes/No] :: Yes

Are you active on the microphone? [Yes/No/Not Applicable] :: Yes

What RetroServers servers have you played on? ::Death Run and Trade

How many hours a week do you play on that/those servers? :: 100+hours

Free Response::  Above all I am a levelheaded guy, I do not get bothered easily, who is always available in the late-night hours, friendly, but tough when needed. If professional skills are needed, I used to work in Universal Studios Island of Adventure as an Attractions Attendant, basically got people in the ride, explained to them the safety rules, and dealt with crowds during downtimes. So, I know how to deal with people. Right now, I am a student taking online classes with a lot of time in my hand as I try to find a job in this post pandemic environment. People know me in the server community as well.